Welcome to Karen Organic Farm & Homestay, one of North Thailand’s best kept secrets – a relaxing and blissful garden homestay located right next to the Chiang Mai Inthanon Golf and Natural Resort. It is the destination for tourists and travelers looking for a comfortable and relaxing stay in the outskirts of rural Chiang Mai, in natural surroundings.

The garden is an old longan orchard which we bought back in 2012. The only vegetation at that time was old and large longan trees which didn’t yield much fruit. We got the idea to renovate the orchard and turn it into an organic farm which would offer a variety of vegetables and fruits.

We decided to bring down the old longan trees, and prepared and replenished the soil to ready it for new perennials. We started out with lemon trees and before we knew it, suddenly we had mangos, coconuts, jackfruits, rose apples, bananas, guavas, oranges, and grapefruits. Each fruit yield on different times of the year.

That’s why we decided to grow additional organic vegetables while waiting for each fruit-tree to start producing. The vegetable garden consists of lemongrass, galangals, kaffir limes, chilis, sweet basils, cow-peas, eggplants and tomatoes among others.

These home-grown vegetables are grown in a timely manner so that we are able to collect on a daily basis. However, we decided to integrate an irrigation system and install sprinkler systems instead of using water hoses which were a much more labor intensive process. We also had a pond dug out in order to store and later provide water to every the remaining longan trees which had previously been insufficient. The pond also contains a variety of fish which are farmed for cooking.

Over the last 6 years our garden has changed so muchsince we let our farm grow anew, naturally and seasonally. Due to our organic approach our farm yields more and more, year over year. Moreover, our livestock are grazing to keep grass from growing out of control. No pesticides and chemicals are applied – it’s strictly forbidden.

We have now reached a point where we believe our farm has grown to a sustainable level and will be able to support visitors who appreciate and love privacy, nature, and the rural life.


After a good game of golf, you can relax on the terrace of the main house. You will be able to feel the fresh cool air in the morning and evening.

In the morning, you can from the terrace, gaze on the livestock and the garden waking up with a nice cup of coffee. You can choose to catch fish and collect vegetables for your upcoming meal.

You can ride a bicycle to visit the nearby Pha Chor cliff, a beautiful natural phenomena. Pha Chor is located not far from the garden (for those with an adventurous heart).


The accommodation consists of a main house (Individual Residence) that are build in a wooden/bamboo style and a smaller basic bamboo hut (Bamboo House).

  • Type 1 “Individual Residence” consists of 2 rooms which each include a double-bed, air conditioner, fan, TV, refrigerator, en-suite bathrooms with a water heater. The main house can accommodate 8 people for which we charge ฿3,000 THB per night. We charge an extra ฿500 per night / per additional person.
  • Type 2 “Bamboo House” can accommodate 2 people. A common restroom can be located just outside. The price is ฿800 THB per night.

Breakfast Service: You can choose between (menu 1) bread, butter, and jam, or (menu 2) Thai style rice porridge with either shrimp or fish. You can choose only one menu.

If you have alternative ideas for a menu (maybe based on produce from our garden) you are more than welcome to let us know. We are always open to suggestions.


Our garden is located approximately 44 kilometers (28 miles) drive from Chiang Mai Int’l Airport and located between Doi Lo and Chom Thong District just next door to Chiangmai Inthanon Golf and Natural Resort.



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